Get to Know Me

Let's just start by reflecting on the good ol' days for a moment... Shall we?!

Oh yes...that's me, and definitely back in my prime! 
I always think you can tell a lot about a person based on their personality as a toddler...and, well, lets just say my personality as a toddler was very true to who I am today!
Since way back when, I have made it my mission to never meet a stranger (as we say down here in the south). Some might say I could talk to a brick wall...I haven't tried it yet, but I wont say it's totally unlikely!
My philosophy is that you can't risk the opportunities life presents you to make a lasting memory or friend...and passing up on the chance to learn more about someone could very well jeopardize you of those very things that make life so special!

It's that "Everyone wants to be my friend!" mentality that has been at the core of almost all of my unforgettable moments in life! Whether it was unforgettable in the best way or the worst; it is what shaped me into the person I am today! 

I have always been passionate about the things I do, and have always wanted to share my passions with anyone that would listen. From my earliest passion for music and "sharing" by singing with my karaoke machine turned up to the most mind numbing volumes, to my passion for children and wanting to do everything I can to make their lives a little more silly, a lot less overwhelming and a million times more colorful. 
I want a world with beautiful noise, happy faces and love for all others...

...Which is what I feel like is part of almost every Child Life Specialist's work day! 
Child life was my calling! Like most CLS feel, I am certain this profession was made for me! Where else can you be around incredibly inspiring people every day, during some of their most significant moments in life and still some how make a difference? We are able to be silly, serious, supportive and steadfast, as long as it meets the needs of the child and family.

To sum it up a bit...
Child Life allows me the to be the change I want to see in the world. It is the smile we get from someone on their worst day, the hope provided when things feel hopeless and the undiscriminating compassion for all people we encounter. That's what drives me through every day, and inspires me to do more
...Thus we have CraftsToCure!
I hope this website inspires others the way I am inspired every day, and I hope to make it a little easier for other child life specialists who feel like they have reached the bottom of their brilliant idea bucket!

We have only scratched the surface so please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have! 


  1. Great Blog...found it looking for ideas for one of my class (CL) projects!!! Your passion for CL is so contagious, and I KNOW your families are BLESSED to have you as their CLS!! I look forward to reading more. Thanks & continue to be that ray of sunshine for your families.

    1. Nancy,
      Thank you so very much for your sweet words of encouragement. I hope to bring you some more inspiring ideas very soon!!! :) Sending lots of love and best wishes! -Blakely

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