Thursday, March 3, 2016

Child Life Month 2016


The month of March is dedicated to the lucky charms of the hospital... 
also known as...

During this month the CLS team always comes together to figure out new and creative ways in which they can make patients and other hospital employees aware of the multitude of ways in which they can be of service. Because there is no time to verbally explain the wonders of child life to everyone, the CLS staff has to get slightly innovative with their approach. Some of the most common ways to spread the word are through brochures, handouts and/or unit bulletin boards. The problem that follows is knowing how to make those particular innovations stand out and grab the attention of others.
Which is why I have decided to do my part this month and lend out some inspiration to my fellow Child Life friends. I will share a few of the ideas I had for making the this month a little more fun, informative and a lot more COLORFUL! :)

My first idea for this month is a fun unit bulletin board that basks in the spirit of two of my favorite reasons for March merriment...
Child Life and St. Patricks Day!! 

The idea behind this bulletin board is to not only help people recognize the faces of the Child Life staff, but it is also a way to help people find a reason to connect with them. 
This is how I have imagined it....

It can, obviously, be adapted to the personality and creative minds of your individual CLS team... 
so here are my suggestions for making this mural of marvel your own...

This bulletin will appeal to so many with its bright and cheerful decor and will leave them wanting to know each Child Life Specialist even more!! :)

Wishing you all days full of color, compassion and creativity,

(feel free to reach me at blakely@craftstocure.comcraftstocure.coml for free printable 


  1. I love your blog. You have some really helpful instructions for crafts to do in the hospital. I'm a Child Life Student, so I love learning about what others do! Thank you!
    I just started a Child Life Blog and I would love your feedback!