Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Cure for the Average App (Part 2)

"Better late than never" I always say!
In an earlier post I discussed all the reason I feel iPads have become invaluable resources for Child Life Specialists to use in the hospital setting. I talked about all the ways that they can be used for both fun and intervention!
I also mentioned that I had two categories of apps: 
1. General Hospital/Health
2. Unit Specific
Last time we dove right into some of my very favorite general health apps and I said to "keep your peepers pealed" for my post on a few unit specific apps!  
As promised, I have listed and reviewed my favorite iPad apps for Oncology and Solid Organ Transplant patients. 

I know, I know...
the two seem completely unrelated, and you're right!
To most they are unrelated, but not for me!
These two units happen to be the two that I spent my internship in and are also just two of my favorites!
However, there are a few other things that these two units have in common.
For one, both of the units have "frequent fliers", meaning the patients seen in these units will be patients you will see over and over...and will likely get to know very well.
Also, both units encounter various diseases. Each disease will be treated in a number of different ways and  will be complex and likely severe in nature.
Another thing they have in common is that the patients in these units will vary in age and will likely have a hard time understanding the nature of their disease. As much as it may be explained to them, there is still a chance they cant fully grasp whats happening inside their bodies. 
Therefore, it's important that we get to know our patients well enough to know what needs they need met and then find the best way to approach it for that individual.
In a lot of cases visual reference is very helpful, especially with children!
Which is where the iPad apps come in! 

Here is my list of favorites:

Oncology Apps

"Cancer Zapper"

"The Curables"

"Cancer Wars"

Transplant Apps
Note: Because two of the most common pediatric organ transplants are kidney and liver those are the only apps I have listed.
"Kidney Warrior"

"Kidney Bounce"

"My Liver"

I hope these apps are beneficial to you and your patients!
A really great app for patients with asthma as well as
general health/hospital apps!!!!

See ya then friends!

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  1. I just read through your entire blog. You have done such an amazing job! I know your website and the ideas you have provided will makes million of "frequent fliers" very happy and knowledgeable! Keep up the awesome work B!

    Minnie Mouse