Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Cure for the Average App

So I know I may sound crazy but... 
I believe iPads were created just for Child Life Specialists!
I know, I know there are several other (less productive... yet equally exciting) reasons to have an iPad, but to be honest, seeing a child engage in this particular form of entertainment is all the reason I need! 

While working in the hospital I have taken some notes on what things kids love most about iPads...
The obvious is that it's simply a new and thrilling toy that, in most cases, belongs to Mommy or Daddy (which clearly makes it more intriguing) (;
The other great thing about iPads is that there is usually something on it or that can be downloaded on it to fit the interests of everyone.
And now, more and more Child Life Programs are starting to incorporate iPads into their intervention techniques. 
But in my opinion, for a CLS to get the best results out of the way they use an iPad they need to look at it as more than just a toy or distraction item. It needs to be looked at as a powerful teaching tool. Fortunately, iPads make it easier to do that. By finding games that are both engaging and educational, you are able to (discretely) promote cognitive development and understanding for medical situations. 

So needless to say, I have done some research as to what's out there in the iTunes World of child-friendly games to promote understanding for and familiarity towards the hospital, medical situations and overall health!

Here are some of my favorites!

The apps I will share will be one of two things. Either they will be apps that are specifically geared towards a particular diagnosis or they will be fun and educational apps that could work in any medical setting!

The ones I am sharing today are the most general. Starting with my favorite....

"This Is My Body-Anatomy for Kids"

Here is another app that children seem to really love and easily figure out...
"Toca Doctor"

"Dr. Panda's Hospital"

"KidSkool: Doctors"

This app is not the greatest because there isn't much to do. However, younger patients seem to really enjoy it for that very reason. 
"Little Doctor"

"iSpy: Doctor's Office"

"Human Defense"

That's all for the non-specific medical app's, and they will be posted on my "Wise Guides" page for later reference!

As for the other apps...
Keep you peepers pealed!
 Because next week I will have some helpful tips and FYI's about the best app's to use for Oncology and Transplant patients!


  1. what a great post! it is so informative and helpful...and not just for child life, but for everyone. i think peanut would like "little doctor". it's so cute :)

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing these apps- we've added them to our list at our hospital. We already have "this is my body" and "toca doctor" and love them. Can't wait to add your other recommendations! Thanks again :)

    1. Hi Kathryn! I am so glad the app reviews were helpful! I really hope you and, especially, your patients love them as much I do! :) Stay tuned for the reviews I do on apps that are unit specific, and please let me know if you find other apps that we should pass along!